About DPP

This two day course is designed to be the most informative, practical application course on Distressed Property Properties (including Short Sales, Foreclosures/ROE’s and Auctioned Properties) available to you in today’s market. The course designers are certified and designated in all of the top distressed property courses, and utilize many of the same great insights as these courses. However, they couple them with the key strategies of some of the most successful agents across the US.

After interviewing over 1,000 agents, we have found many other courses are loaded with a massive amount of statistics and non applicable information. When the course attendees leave the classroom, they feel overwhelmed and intimidated. The DPP course covers everything you need to be successful, without all the fluff. You will be given clear, concise examples and information directly relating to your business.

In the Distressed Properties Professional Course some of the material covered includes:

  • The terminology of Distressed Properties
  • Useable and successful marketing techniques to getting the right listings
  • Marketing to ready, willing, and able buyers
  • Every important step form contract to close

All Distressed Property Professional Agents will receive:

  • Our course text book
  • A frameable certificate
  • Your photo and contact information on the national website
  • Private login to our members’ area
  • DPP logos for marketing
  • Instructional videos covering the most important aspects of being successful in our market
  • New information and techniques as they develop

We guarantee that agents who successfully use the information given to them in this course will consider this to be one of the greatest investments they have ever made in their real estate career. Become a DPP today!