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If you or someone that you know is considering buying a home now or in the next 6 months, don’t chance this financial investment to an untrained agent. Email us NOW to have a Distressed Properties Professional contact you right away.

Considering Buying?

All across the United States, there is no doubt that the time to buy a home is NOW. With great prices on FORECLOSURES, SHORT SALES, and even AUCTIONED homes, buyers are finding some of the best values and interest rates in history.

Common Buyer Questions:

  1. I have been viewing home with a Real Estate Agent, but they have not shown me any great deals on distressed properties. Why is that?

Answer: Through our trainings across the United States, we have found that most agents today are using the same tired techniques as they were back in the peak of the market in 2007. These agents have not been trained in the new real estate business of distressed properties. In fact, we have found that MANY agents do not even know how to search their own MLS to find FORECLOSURES or SHORT SALES. They simply show potential buyers their own listings or others they have heard about, which is an injustice to the customer or client they are working with.

2. Are there really GREAT deals out there when buying a home today?

Answer: Without a doubt. For example, we see new and like new homes that were priced over $400,000.00 in 2007 and are bought for about ½ the price and interest rates today in Foreclosure and Shortsale.

3. How can I find a Trained Real Estate Professional that can find me the deal of a lifetime?

Answer: The best way is to simply fill out our questionanaire below. We will have a Distressed Properties Professional contact you right away and present you with the best deals in your desired areas and price range, no matter where you are in the United States. Email us NOW…

Common Seller Questions:

Do I have to be insolvent (not able to afford your home) to Short Sale my property?

Answer: NO. This used to be a requirement but as many more banks are choosing to minimize the bad debt (Foreclosures) on their books we have found many sellers who were actually able to pay their mortgage payment when DPP Agents negotiated a successful Short Sale. Note, it is MUCH easier to close a Short Sale if the sellers cannot afford the home but this is not a requirement.

2. Can the lender still pursue me for any shortage amount of monies if I have a successful short sale?

Answer: Yes, but DPP Agents are often successful in receiving a full deficiency waiver for our sellers which is where the bank puts in writing that if the home is successfully sold short then the bank waives all future rights or interest in pursuing payments from the seller.

3. Will I have to pay taxes on the dollar amount my property sold short?

Answer: Possibly, but under the “Mortgage Forgiveness Relief Act of 2007” you may qualify to have all of these taxes waived. You should talk to a licensed accountant about how this applies to you.

4. I have heard that Short Sale is no Different than a foreclosure, is this true?

Answer: Absolutely Not. There are tremendous benefits to selling a home as a Short Sale rather than letting one go into foreclosure. See the Short Sale VS Foreclosure Tab above.

5. I have heard Short Sales are hard to do and can be complicated, is this true?

Answer: 98% of all failed Short Sale attempts in our assessment is because the real estate agent working the Short Sale for the seller was not properly trained in Short Sales and often misses VITAL steps required to be successful in SHort Sales Process. As of the writing of this form DPP Agents have been 100% successful in receiving approval statuses on all Short Sale Attempts across the United States to the benefit of all involved. If you are considering a Short Sale, call an expert. Get in touch with a Distressed Properties Professional today!