Distressed Properties Professional

In today’s economy, real estate agents across the country are learning that if they do not familiarize themselves with distressed properties then their real estate career is going to diminish. There is much confusion and frustration in dealing with the complexities of distressed properties, particularly the intricacies of short sales. Although there are several short sale and foreclosure courses available, all seem to teach different and often confusing methods of facilitating these properties. The real estate professional is left bewildered and overwhelmed.

Fear no more. The answer is in the Distressed Properties Professional (DPP) designation course. The developers of this course have had hundreds of successful distressed properties closed in real estate. Utilizing this real world experience, they have created an effective and comprehensive study of what it takes to work with these properties. Over the 2 day course, the real estate professional will learn how to be successful in today’s market. Working with the instructor, this course gives clear, concise directions on everything from marketing yourself for distressed properties, to closing the deal and getting paid.